Blank Spaces and Mirrors Within

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Fading into Oblivion

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Dawn !

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Fairytale Beginnings

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Secrets Within

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Musings at Midnight !

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On a night alone with you!

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Let’s be Us

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Lost Traces of a Broken Arrow! 

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Twenty epiphanies. One night alone on the Twitterverse.


Part-broken, Part-whole


1. If you’re still checking their Twitter TL, Facebook or Instagram, you’re not over them.

2. Letting yourself be vulnerable with someone is incredibly frightening.
And most times, completely worth it.

3. If someone treats you badly and you let them, you’re the abuser.
Not them.

4. I am learning that shallowness, like depth and intensity has its own place and there is no good reason to be entirely dismissive of it.

5. Despite all you’ve heard, anger is the way of the weak and has no good outcome. Anger is a reaction. Not a response.

6. Boundaries are essential, non-negotiable, and will sometimes be the fine line between your sanity and self-destruction.

7. Nothing will kill your soul quicker and more brutally than loneliness.
Save yourself while you can.

8. People can try to change. That’s the best they can do and the best you may get out…

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