Part-broken, Part-whole


When life gets larger than life, I become as small as I can get. It is as though I want to occupy as little of the earth as possible. Be the tiniest burden. I want to be unheard, mostly invisible (unless I need to buy a loaf of bread), and as dim as a living being can be without attracting any attention. I would gladly offer a firefly the immensity of humankind on these nights. Tonight is like that. If I could I would disappear. Whenever I think of disappearing I think I will end up on the other side of the Universe amidst a mountain of disappeared things. Pen caps, hair scrunchies, wallets, and white bunnies.

Coming home, I put the key in the lock and turn it soundlessly. When the locks click into place, they apologize. No white lights. No just-like-daylight. Daylight is loud and lifelike. Light is loud…

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