Part-broken, Part-whole

‘Here we are. Broken rules and explosions,
a reminder of rumpled sheets and a language created of parts of other things…’

– AV Flox


My love,

It is said that much grief and sorrow has come of things unsaid. What is worse, is what one will assume and the conclusions one can arrive at based on nothing but the lack of something; whatever it may be. Words sometimes; an eagerly sought-after tone of voice, a certain tenderness lurking behind the the platitudes. Know that even with this distance, your presence in my life and within me, is an anchor.

When I am with you, even when it’s only by telephone, there is an emotional flex. I feel vulnerable but not defensive. My shoulders relax, my breathing quietens and I feel tiredness creep over my muscles. My body tells me it’s all right to rest now. It’s time to let…

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