Its Valentine’s day,

I wake up early that morning, and then, for a moment, I close my eyes and think of the one person who brings the biggest smile on my face, whose voice echoes through my ears and makes my heart want to beat faster.

How do I make this day special for you Mum?

Being a dutiful and awesome son is the only way I suppose.

You have served me all through my life, never expecting an acknowledgement or even a thanks in return.

Today let me be you. Let me make you feel what you truly are. The queen of my world.

When you wake up in the morning, you will see a tray rite beside you, a white rose, a gleaming cup of coffee and a little tissue with a note saying – this is just the beginning.

Your breakfast is at the table mom – just the way you like it. Pancakes made just the way you like it (I know I can’t match upto you, but then I tried really hard). The maple syrup is not sugar free; it won’t matter for one day. We can set aside everything and make you live this one day the way you want it to be.

I take you out – we walk down a crowded street, you still hold that white rose in yr hand. You clench my hand and I put my arm around your shoulder, a proud son I am today, my valentine is the most amazing person in the world, my mother.

I take you out to a small cafe – inconspicuous, yet elegant. Where we both sit and solve the crossword puzzle from the day’s paper.  I can see from your smile that the little kid within you has emerged after a while. We have our chat about times when you used to take me out when I was a kid and how you made sure I had a nice time. Mum, lets go back to the same old time and let us switch places. I take you out today and make you feel special once again.

We walk to the nearest park and sit on one of the benches. We see young romantic couples all around – pledging their love for one another – hoping that what they have would last for a while to come.

I look at them and then look at you and say to you. They live on the hope of their love lasting for a while, but we don’t need hope as what we have lasts for eternity.

You have picked me up from the hardest of falls and made me smile during the darkest of times, mum for me, you will always be the one special shoulder that i would lean on.

We walk through the park, talking about how the world has changed for the both of us, but then we both know, even though the surroundings have changed, we have still been the same mum and son.

We come back home, after a long walk through the park.

We go by and make you sit on your rocking chair in our balcony and I  read to you, from your favourite book, you run your fingers through my hair, intently listening to me recite to you, excerpts from your favorite book.

You slowly doze into your afternoon nap, your trademark smile never leaving your face even then.

A smile that i can say was a mixture of happiness and joy.

A wonderful feeling of being a valentine once again

Mum – I’m glad you have lived your life for me. I’m glad i have you always by my side, for today and for the years to come.

I would say – I love you. I always will.

 Happy Valentine’s Day