Lets start in a darker mode.

 This was something i penned down whilst in a mood depicting a unique shade of grey.

 Life is always eventful,

when reality bites, it does so in a very sharp n painful manner,

like a russel viper – who has his fangs etched deep into human flesh,

the only difference being, that lasts for 2 seconds, n then death takes over,

n the body is relieved of all the pain it had to endure.

reality is quite satirical in that aspect,

once it bites, the pain will never fade away.

u never journey into the world of the dead,

u never cease to exist,

you are still trapped in the present, never to fade into a memory

writhe in pain as it did not work your way,

and then your subconscious mind tricks you in reliving those moments,

the magical life we all dreamed of,

the perfect person for you, the perfect home,

you build a city of happiness, a world within your own,

all surreal, which we still believe, will come true,

and then you wake up,

to reality,

n all that is left are fragments of one’s imagination,

a torn, shredded soul,

which can never be the same again.