its a day of solitude..

i just spend the day by myself…looking at the weather outside…

dark clouds gather in the sky,

some turning into different shades of blue, some into a shade of grey,

And see them moving across the lands,

i can hear birds chirping as they fly,

Flying far far away to a nest they call their home.

Yet another monsoon sets in.

the 1st drops of the monsoon rain just quench the thirst of the scathed soil,

and they multiply into myriads of droplets, scourging the parched land,

the fragrance of the moist soil brings exuberance to one’s soul,

Little children seen running across the street, soaked by the downpour,

raindrops percolating through the leaves of the gulmohar,

the picture seems to fade as the rain Gods display their Might,

i recline in my armchair,

watching the melancholy of the monsoon rain.